If you can tear, wrap, and fold, you can use parchment paper, an eco-friendly and versatile cooking tool. This moisture- and grease-resistant paper heats safely up to 450 degrees and is available in most grocery stores; look for unbleached, quilon-free parchment papers, which contain no chlorine or chemical coatings.

• Instead of cooking spray, place a layer of parchment paper on baking sheets for no-stick pizza and cookies (prepare several sheets of ready-to-bake cookies and simply swap papers on the baking sheet when each batch is done).

• Line baking pans with parchment to ensure cakes and breads slide out without fuss.

• Bake dinner en papillote, as the French say: Enfold fish, poultry, tofu, vegetables, or fruits, or a combination, in a square of parchment paper; wrap snugly and secure with cooking string; then bake. The food cooks in its own juices, creating an aromatic meal with practically zero cleanup. Simply slice open when done to release steam. After dinner, toss Quilon-free parchment into the compost bin.