Buying bulk doesn’t just mean you’re reducing the environmental cost of excess packaging; packaging itself contributes an average of 8 percent to the retail cost of food, according to the USDA (and much more for herbs and spices where packaging is worth more than the product). Translation: Bulk also offers big savings for you, especially if you’re looking to purchase organic. And if all those bins and scales are intimidating, start small with these six organic items that weigh in at a most delicious price.

Bulk spice Potential savings, $ /ounce

Bay leaf 41.66

Oregano 9.87

Sweet domestic Basil 7.15

Thyme leaf 5.28

Bulk food Potential savings, $/pound

Raw almonds 7.35

Dried cranberries 6.99

Rolled oats 2.08

Brown flaxseeds 2.01