Plant-based foods are packed with fiber, cancer-protective nutrients, and literally thousands of phytochemicals, many of which have powerful anti-inflammatory properties. “One of the biggest revelations in the last few years is that excess inflammation is a key driver of many chronic diseases, including some cancers,” says Kulze. Despite antioxidant claims and new studies there’s no single magic bullet for cancer prevention hidden in the produce aisle. “You should strive for variety,” says Kulze. “A good guideline is to choose the brightest colored plant foods.” The rich pigments that give plants color provide the most nutrients. Red onions, for example, have more phytochemicals than yellow, which have a bit more than white. (For more about cancer-fighting foods, see “Cancer-Blocking Foods.”) Portion-wise, theAICR recommends sirloin as the side dish: Grains, beans, and vegetables should fill up two-thirds of the real estate on your plate. Meat should occupy only the remaining one-third.