Alleviate tension with conscious eating




Avoid caffeine.

Caffeine exacerbates stress and can ratchet up anxiety.

Consider a fruit smoothie as an early morning or late afternoon pick-me-up.

Choose nutritious snacks.

Enables the body to handle stress better. Also helps to keep weight down during recovery period. Your body craves sugar when it’s stressed.

Keep a stash of healthy snacks such as nutrition bars, fruit, and raw veggies readily available.

Eat a healthy breakfast.

Eating breakfast supports your blood sugar response from the get-go and gives your brain a strong and steady supply of glucose for the rest of the day.

Good choices include eggs and veggies with oatmeal, or a protein smoothie with whole-grain toast.

Opt for meals that are low in salt and macronutrient balanced.

A balanced diet boosts your body’s ability to combat stress.

Look for lean protein sources, such as buffalo and skinless turkey; low-glycemic carbohydrates, such as brown rice and dark green leafy vegetables; and healthy fats from olive oil and flaxseed.

Take baby steps toward a healthier diet.

Radical changes are difficult to maintain and can be overwhelming.

First, try incorporating healthy snacks, such as fruit, into your diet.

Sources: James Rouse, ND; Kim Erickson, herbalist; Gloria Silverio, life coach.