Don't miss this exciting opportunity to pitch your business idea to 4 of the leading natural products venture capitalists; Greenmont Capital, Sherbrook Capital, Nutrition Capital Network and PCG Capital Growth Advisors. While anyone is welcome to attend this session of Expo's Product-to-Shelf Workshop, we'll choose 4, pre-registered session attendees on the spot for a 15 minute Pitch-Slam. A Pitch-Slam is a fun, fast-paced event that lets you pitch your natural product idea to a panel of professionals in each field, and receive immediate feedback and expert suggestions for improving and refining your idea.

This is a unique opportunity to not only pitch your idea, but to get” face time” with experts, and even a chance for follow-up meetings with our funders for 4 lucky winners! After the session, 1 winner will be selected for a full pitch with the venture fund of their choice, and will receive more valuable prizes.

You must be pre-registered, come prepared, and be present for your chance to be selected.

Here's how to get registered:

1. Register for the show, and the Product-To-Shelf Workshop at Expo East by visiting this link:

2. Email with your name, and the name of the business you'll be pitching.

3. Fill out this online application about your business to make sure you're eligible for the lottery: