Junk mail concerns

“Reduce Packaging Waste” (April 2009) included a phone number to eliminate junk-mail credit-card offers, but the automated service requests personal information, including my social security number. Is this safe?
-Andrea, via email

Author Jason Stevenson replies: “The four major credit reporting companies set up this authorized number (888.567.8688) for consumers to opt out of credit-card solicitations. The website, optoutprescreen.com, has security protocols to protect information from unauthorized access. The process doesn't require birth date or social security number — though providing this info does help.”

Clear, simple, useful

Just a quick thank you for your work in putting together a fine magazine. I read Delicious Living cover to cover, often tearing out articles or text boxes to post on my fridge. As a massage therapist for the last nine years, I find that my clients often want to change their habits but find the plethora of information overwhelming, incomplete, or conflicting. Through the simply put articles you provide each month, I can help myself, as well as others.
-Maia Tress, via email

Naturally pain free

A drunk driver hit me in the late 1980s and I lived in chronic pain for a long time — it was horrible, and the conventional pain medications just knock me out. I loved Elizabeth Barker's suggestions for natural ways to deal with pain (“Ease the Pain,” March 2009). I have been trying to focus specifically on pH-balanced foods and tai chi, and I have been taking curcumin.
-Tim Sipps, Long Beach, California


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