It's April and we all know what that means: Spring? Taxes? Bzzzt! It means just three short weeks until Earth Day 2007. First observed in 1970 to forge U.S. awareness about environmental abuse, Earth Day is now an international holiday—celebrated by nearly half a billion people around the globe. But as you may have guessed, Earth Day isn't just a big "yay planet!" party or the one day when our kids learn about global warming in school. Educational events, leadership training, and civic activism are at the holiday's core.

(Continue to check in on this site throughout the month—we'll give you the lowdown on events, activities, demonstrations, and the like, going on in your region.)

But why wait until April 22? I jump started my own awareness of enviro-issues by checking out Go Organic! for Earth Day—the partnership program created by the Organic Trade Association, Earth Day Network, and MusicMatters. There, I learned more about how buying organic benefits the Earth; I found out how certain companies are chipping in; and—most importantly—I downloaded yummy recipes compiled by the world's top organic chefs.

And now for the shameless self-promotion: The April Green Living issue of DL features easy eco-ideas for every room of your house—so Earth Day can be a year-round experience. And stay tuned everyone. In a few weeks, I'll be back on my products soapbox, giving you the goods on fancy new CFLs that mimic natural light. Plus, I'll settle the score on the CFL-mercury scare and give tips on recycling your burned-out bulbs.