Is your waning libido the result of a busy lifestyle or rather a physical problem that can—and should—be treated? The following descriptions of FSD conditions may help you determine the health of your sex drive. They can occur alone or in combination, and to be diagnosed as a sexual disorder, the symptoms must be persistent or recurring and causing personal distress.

Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder: A lack or absence of sexual desire, thoughts and fantasies. Emotional or medical factors such as hormone deficiencies, pelvic surgery and endocrine disorders may contribute to waning interest.

Sexual Aversion Disorder: A phobic aversion to or avoidance of sex altogether that often plagues those who suffered childhood abuse or sexual trauma.

Sexual Arousal Disorder: An inability to experience or sustain the physical responses essential to becoming and staying aroused, such as vaginal lubrication or clitoral engorgement. This may be caused by psychological factors such as depression, but physical reasons like reduced blood flow to the genitals, pelvic surgery or medications may also play a role.

Orgasmic Disorder: A difficulty or inability to achieve orgasm, even after sufficient stimulation and arousal. This may be caused by emotional trauma, sexual abuse, medications, pelvic nerve damage and hormone deficiencies or other medical factors.

Sexual Pain Disorder: A recurring genital pain from intercourse or stimulation.

Dyspareunia: Painful intercourse may develop as a result of vaginal infections, thinning of the vaginal lining during menopause, vaginal/vulvar surgery or vestibulitis, a condition that causes burning and dryness. Psychological, relationship or emotional issues may also be culprits.

Vaginismus: Involuntary spasms of the vaginal muscles that make penetration difficult. This usually occurs as a conditioned response to painful intercourse, but may also reflect emotional or relationship issues.

Other Sexual Pain Disorders: Pain resulting from stimulation other than intercourse may be caused by vaginal infections, genital mutilation or vestibulitis.