Provide your older baby (around 9 months) with nutritious finger foods using this engaging technique.

1. Arrange foods in a clean, dry ice-cube tray. Be sure everything is soft enough for baby to chew and swallow. Place new foods next to familiar ones.

Try these finger foods:
Avocado chunks, soft and slightly mashed
Baby carrots, well-cooked and thinly sliced
Banana chunks
Beans, well-cooked and mashed
Broccoli florets, well-cooked
Brown-rice pasta, tossed with flaxseed oil
Chickpeas, pureed
O-shaped cereal
Pear chunks, slightly mashed
Sweet potato chunks, well-cooked
Tofu chunks

2. Put the tray in front of your baby and stand back.

3. Make a game out of the meal as baby gets older. For example, ask baby to find and eat the green foods or the round foods.


Source: Matthew Baral, ND.