Although good for your health, all nuts are not created equal.

Match the nut to its nutritional qualities:

1. Almonds.

a. Highest in fat

2. Brazil nuts.

b. Only low-fat nut (1g per oz.); rich in fiber

3. Cashews.

c. Rich in vitamin B-6 and heart-healthy oil

4. Chestnuts.

d. Rich in vitamin E and folic acid

5. Hazelnuts.

e. Rich in selenium

6. Macadamia nuts.

f. Not true nuts, but legumes

7. Peanuts.

g. Rich in copper, iron, and folic acid

8. Walnuts.

h. Rich in calcium, vitamin E, and fiber

Answers: 1f, 2d, 3h, 4e, 5b, 6g, 7c, 8a. Source: UC Berkeley Wellness Letter.