Rate how often you experience the following situations, then add up your total at the bottom to gauge your stress level:

Frequently=3 Sometimes=2 Rarely=1 Never=0

____ Feeling keyed up, on edge, nervous, or tense

____ Having your tongue pressed against the roof of your mouth

____ Feeling constantly on the go with never enough time to slow down

____ Being hurried and pressured; feeling overwhelmed by unexpected tasks

____ Experiencing "vice-grip," neck- or head-tension headaches

____ Feeling completely worn out; fearing if you sit down, you might not get up

____ Getting discouraged for not keeping up with all you wish you could

____ Feeling frustrated with yourself for agreeing to do too much

____ Eating when you aren't hungry to soothe yourself

____ Skipping meals; just grabbing anything fast and easy

____ Experiencing tension knots in your back, neck, and shoulders

____ Breathing with shallow or rapid breaths

____ Losing your patience, having a short fuse, or being irritable

____ Experiencing physical symptoms, such as skin rashes and infections

____ Having trouble falling asleep even though you're exhausted

____ Having difficulty stopping yourself from thinking about all you have to do

____ Drinking alcohol to unwind

____ Having dreams with an "out of control" theme, such as driving a car with no brakes

____ Having a sensitive stomach, getting easily nauseated, or having cramping and diarrhea

____ Having heartburn and indigestion

____ Feeling paralyzed and overwhelmed, sometimes "spinning your wheels"

____ Having an increased pulse or blood pressure

____ Having no time for fun and relaxation

____ Feeling discouraged at the end of the day because you didn't accomplish enough

____ Feeling scattered, forgetful, and disorganized; missing important birthdays or obligations

____ Working harder and doing things yourself rather than asking for help

____ Smoking to calm down and feel mellow


If you scored 0-15: You seem to be managing the stress in your life very well.

If you scored 16-35: You are experiencing symptoms of mild to moderate stress. These symptoms are an early sign that your stress could affect your health and happiness.

If you scored 36 or higher: You are experiencing moderate to high levels of stress. This stress will very likely affect your health and happiness over time if something doesn't change.

Quiz formulated by Linda L.M. Worley, MD, associate professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS), and medical director of the UAMS Student Mental Health Dept. and Arkansas CARE