St. Ignatius bean
(Ignatia amara)

Can be helpful in calming a person suffering from grief. This remedy is most beneficial for people who do not want to cry or who alternate between laughing and weeping. May also help with insomnia.

Place 3 pellets under the tongue 2–3x/day for up to seven days. Take 20 minutes before or after meals. Unless otherwise directed by a physician, start with a lower potency when choosing a dosage.

Common salt
(Natrum muriaticum)

Can be useful for people experiencing prolonged grief and depression. This remedy may be most beneficial for those who do not want to talk about their feelings or who become angry if someone tries to console them.

Same as for Ignatia amara


Can help those who are sobbing and tearful and want attention and comforting.

Same as for Ignatia amara


This remedy may benefit those who cry frequently or are experiencing a feeling of mental dullness and forgetfulness.

Same as for Ignatia amara

Bach flower essences,
including star of Bethlehem, gentian, and honeysuckle

Bach flower essences were developed by Edward Bach, MD, and can help a person’s emotional state when prescribed correctly. The star of Bethlehem essence is typically used to treat shock; gentian for melancholy, despondency, and depression; and honeysuckle for regrets.

The essences are prepared in a liquid that can be taken straight on the tongue or added to water and sipped throughout the day.