(Matricaria chamomilla)
3%­10% infusions for external use;
3­4 cups freshly prepared tea for internal use

Used externally, chamomile relieves irritated skin; internally it soothes gastrointestinal complaints and helps induce relaxation and sleep.

A cup of chamomile tea before bed promotes sleep.

(Allium sativum)
4 g/day fresh garlic

Garlic is preventive medicine for age-related vascular changes.

Garlic consumption can substantially increase the anticoagulant effects of blood thinners; don't use large amounts of garlic before surgery because it can prolong bleeding time.

(Ginkgo biloba)
40­60 mg standardized extract 3x/day
(120­180 mg/day)

Ginkgo is said to increase memory performance and learning capacity.

Ginkgo extracts may enhance the effects of platelet-aggregation inhibitors.

(Crataegus spp)
120­240 mg standardized extract 3x/day

This herb strengthens the heart and circulation.

If you are taking drugs for high blood pressure or heart problems, consult a professional herbalist before using hawthorn.

Saw palmetto (Serenoa repens)
1­2 g/day

This herb relieves difficulties (such as urination problems) associated with an enlarged prostate but does not reduce the enlargement.

Saw palmetto was touted as an aphrodisiac by Native Americans.

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