Helping New Moms Recover

Photo by Jeff Padrick

When a woman is pregnant, she receives a lot of attention from health practitioners and family. After childbirth, the focus shifts to the well-being of her baby—yet the depleted new mom still needs plenty of care.

A Natural Guide to Pregnancy and Postpartum Health by Dean Raffelock, DC, Dipl Ac, CCN, et al. (Avery, 2002) addresses this oversight, offering an oasis of useful information in the midst of one of life's most profound transitions. One mother who recently browsed through this book after the birth of her first child commented, "Finally, someone is responding to my needs."

Sensitively written and comprehensive in coverage, this guide offers detailed advice about nutrition to replenish the body after birth, as well as information about alternative health care, exercise, hormone replacement, and the emotional side of having a child. The book's only downside is a matter of logistics; a new mom has little time for reading. Fortunately, each chapter stands alone, allowing you to glean useful tips by skimming a few pages when the chance arises. Better yet, purchase the book before your baby is born so you'll have time to read it all.

—Delicious Living