Jennifer & Ari>> To deal with Ari's snoring, Jennifer says she's "tried kicking him a couple of times, though he doesn't seem to like that too much." She's gotten into the habit of wearing earplugs when she goes to sleep. "It seems to be the easiest thing," she says. "He can sleep as he wants and make as much noise as he wants. And I can sleep as I want."

Erica & Dan>> When Dan has a little too much to drink, he's prone to sawing logs. "I set up a pillow barricade," says Erica. "That does work. It stops the sound enough so that it's not as loud. It makes you feel more distant from the person who's snoring." Erica might have to set up more than one barricade, however: "Even our wiener dog snores on occasion," she says.

Stacy & Kelvin>> One time Kelvin fell fast asleep on the bed, snoring like a lawn mower, and there was nothing Stacy could do to stop him. "I tried lifting his eyelids, hitting his arm, and putting a breathing strip on his nose—which made him promptly half-awaken, tear it off, and go back to snoring. Nothing!" she says. Usually, however, Kelvin knows to sleep on his side, and his snoring is quiet—soothing, even. "I like knowing that he's well on the way to dreamland," says Stacy.

Miriam & Marvin>> Miriam snores, but didn't believe it until Marvin recorded her snoring and played it back to her. "That was very funny," she says. "And I couldn't believe it." Now, the two begin the night in the same bed, but if Marvin can't sleep because of the noise, he moves to another bedroom. It seems to do the trick: "After 62 years [together], we manage very well," says Miriam.