Addictions are generally obvious—to others. Be honest and consider the following questions. If you answer yes to even two or three, you may already be suffering from an addiction.

  • Have you tried to give up a substance but been unable to do so?
  • Do you resent the advice of people concerned about your substance abuse?
  • Do you envy people who can indulge without getting into trouble?
  • Has your substance abuse created problems with friends and family?
  • Do you use your substance when you are angry or depressed?
  • Do you indulge in your substance alone?
  • Has your substance of choice stopped being enjoyable?
  • Have you lost relationships because of substance abuse?
  • Is your substance affecting your health?
  • Do you ever regret your behavior while using a substance?

Source: Addiction-Free Naturally by Brigitte Mars (Healing Arts Press, 2001)