A few of our favorite quotes from the pages of Delicious Living

“The older you get, the harder you should work out. You can’t overwork the human body. Without stress, you die.”

—Jack LaLanne, fitness guru (June 1985)

"Don’t try to fight negative mental states and thoughts; instead, try to put energy into good states like laughing, feeling connected to other people, and being loving.”

—Andrew Weil, MD, pioneer in the field of integrative medicine (January/February 1991)

“Antarctica is now the frontier of the global ecological crisis. I don’t mean only that pollution can now be found at the remotest point on Earth. Antarctica is also the place where both ozone destruction and global warming have their first and most dramatic impacts.”

—Senator Al Gore (April 1991)

“When I was 9 or 10 years old, I used to go to D.C. once or twice a week with my brothers and sisters, and sometimes we’d go visit my uncle at the White House. Whenever I was in town, I’d look up at the old post office where a pair of Eastern Anatum peregrine falcons rested. They’d been there for generations … they were the most spectacular predatory bird and they could fly more than 200 mph. I would watch them come off the roof of the post office and fly down Pennsylvania Avenue at top speeds…. Seeing those falcons was much more exciting than visiting my uncle. That is something my children will never see because that species became extinct in 1963 from DDT poisoning manufactured by Monsanto.”

—Robert F. Kennedy Jr., environmental activist and nephew of President John F. Kennedy (January 2001)

“I think I’ve spent part of my life to a greater or lesser degree protecting myself from loss and therefore protecting myself from real love. Not necessarily a romantic love but the kind of closeness to other beings, where you think: I can’t give myself up to this; if I do I’ll die if I lose it. That fear drives so many people away from real relationships. If there is one lesson that this connection between love and loss can teach us, it’s that you can’t have one without the other. And that’s what we’re here to learn: that we can survive that and be enriched by it.”

—Pam Houston, author (January 2005)

“The biggest challenge facing the natural foods industry is how to maintain our integrity in the face of growing GMO agriculture. It’s jeopardizing organic farmers, and that can’t be tolerated.”

—Nell Newman, founder of Newman’s Own Organics and daughter of actor Paul Newman (September 2001)