Did you know that you're born with a preset range of positive emotions? In other words, you maintain the same basic level of happiness no matter what life throws at you. So even if you win the lottery tomorrow, the psych experts say that you won't feel any better a year from now. How disappointing!

The good news: With diligent practice at thinking positively—or thinking "up"—we all can live at the upper end of our personal bliss range. To start moving toward that better place, turn to our story "Find Joy." There, you'll find essential happiness drills, such as how to write gratitude letters, see the silver linings, track your successes, cultivate relationships, and more.

In other happy news, Delicious Living has become a proud sponsor of the annual Environmental Media Awards, an event that honors the achievements of celebrities and musicians who actively promote environmental awareness. This celebration is hosted by the Environmental Media Association (EMA), which aims to mobilize the entertainment industry to educate people about critical environmental issues and help them take action. For 16 years, the organization has held the annual awards event in November. To learn more about EMA's mission and this year's award winners, check out www.ema-online.org.

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