A scattering of flowers can make an everyday meal an event. Try one of these ten ways to add flowers to your life.

  • Tie a "bouquet" of marigolds with raffia or a strip of chive as a beautiful, edible garnish.

  • Fill nasturtiums with guacamole or egg salad made with thyme blossoms.

  • Scatter violas and basil flowers over a salad of mâche and frisée, and serve with lavender-mint vinaigrette.

  • Float whole chive blossoms and minced chives on a chilled, cream-based soup.

  • Stir calendula flowers and minced rosemary into basmati rice.

  • Drizzle honey over scoops of lemon sorbet, then sprinkle rose petals on top.

  • Lightly braise daylilies and toss with sautéed wild mushrooms and butter.

  • Freeze violas or pansies into ice cubes for a graceful addition to sparkling water or iced herbal teas.

  • Fill hibiscus flowers with small scoops of raspberry sorbet.

  • Sprinkle borage flowers and chopped rosemary over cold pasta dishes.