Terry Tempest Williams,
environmentalist and author of Refuge: An Unnatural History of Family and Place (Pantheon, 2000)
recommends: Bone: Dying Into Life by Marion Woodman (Penguin, 2001)
“Her honest journal of what it was like to go through the transformation of cancer, and her linkage of the words sacred, scared, and scarred, was a profound realization and connection for me. It helped our family create a healing dialogue that opened doors in dealing with my brother’s cancer.”

Donna Eden,
healer and author of Energy Medicine (Putnam, 1999)
recommends: New Menopausal Years, the Wise Woman Way: Alternative Approaches for Women 30–90 by Susun S. Weed (Ash Tree, 2001)
“While this book is truly rich in valuable information, you feel its message in your body. It teaches you about the natural cycles of women and what is powerful and good about these cycles, and it reaffirms your inner knowing, which I always find exhilarating. I also love the way the author brings the wisdom of the older woman, in the voice of the crone, into the text.”

Clarissa Pinkola Estés, PhD,
author of Women Who Run With the Wolves (Ballantine, 1997)
recommends: I Asked for Wonder: A Spiritual Anthology by Abraham Joshua Heschel (Crossroad, 1983)
“I seek out books about people who have survived against all odds. In this lyrical book, Heschel speaks of ‘spiritual audacity.’ This means to speak up in ways that might make people uncomfortable, in ways that may be prophetic—to say important things for which one may have to suffer. In my work as a psychoanalyst and posttrauma specialist, accompanying stunned people through their deepest hells, this book has been one of my constant companions for decades.”

Larry Dossey, MD,
pioneer in mind-body medicine and author of Space, Time & Medicine (Shambhala, 1982)
recommends: The Conscious Universe: The Scientific Truth of Psychic Phenomena by Dean Radin , PhD (HarperEdge, 2000)
“I can’t think of anything more hopeful and healing than the picture of consciousness in this book. It presents solid evidence for an emerging view of the nature of consciousness that will eventually become mainstream. This view is essential to the field of healing because of the evidence supporting the distant effects of healing intentions and prayer.”