Fears and anxiety of unknown

When seized by sudden fears or anxieties for no specific reason. Typical need is on waking in fear from a bad dream or nightmare.


For those who are constantly making criticisms. They have a strong sense of their own superiority and can be judgmental. Rigid attitudes may be reflected in physical stiffness, such as arthritis.

Confirmation from others

For people who don't trust their own judgment and decision-making process.

Chestnut Bud
Failure to learn from the past

Repeating the same mistakes. May suffer recurrent ailments.

Lack of interest in the present

For those who live in a world of their own. Often artistic, but fail to express this gift in practical ways. Clematis children have difficulty concentrating due to daydreaming.

Suddenly overwhelmed by responsibility usually a temporary

Elm types are often in positions of responsibility, concerned with the welfare of others.


For irritability, impatience and nervousness. Wants everything done instantly. Independent, capable and efficient. Prefers to work alone. May experience indigestion, muscular cramps or irritating skin rashes.

Deep gloom with no origin

Sudden, severe depression for no apparent reason.

Star of Bethlehem
Aftereffects of shock

For mental or physical shock as a result of accidents, bad news, deaths, disappointments. May have nervous symptoms or seem numbed, withdrawn.

Tension, overenthusiasm

Tension and hyperactivity. Determined yet highly strung, overachieving and keyed-up. Tendency to take on too much at once.

Protection from change and outside influences

Protects against the effects of oversensitivity to certain ideas and influences. Use in times of major life changes and for regrets caused by change. Also helpful when giving up an addiction.

Wild Oat
Uncertaintry about being correct

Helpful in making important life or career decisions when completely undecided about what to do.


Helps to neutralize resentments and bitterness and regain a sense of humor and proportion.