It's not every day that a cause grabs your attention and doesn't let go. It does happen, though, as evidenced in our feature "Star Power." In this story, Senior Editor Susan Esrey talks to three successful actresses—Mary Steenburgen, Amy Smart, and Wendie Malick—about their involvement in critical social, economic, and environmental issues; finds out the source of their passion; and learns how working to solve these problems has changed their lives.

If you're like me, this story will inspire you to reflect on your own life passions and those "aha" moments when you discovered them.

For me, it was the first time I tutored an illiterate adult. When I roped up and made my maiden voyage up a rock cliff. When I met my husband. And, of course, when I started my job at Delicious Living. From the minute I walked into the editorial offices here in Boulder, Colorado, four-plus years ago, I knew I had found a cause to celebrate: health.

The journey has been meaningful and life changing—just like it has for our featured celebrities. My discoveries at Delicious Living have transformed me for the better. Since coming here, I feel healthier, and I've learned to make smart decisions that will serve my body, my mind, and the world around me. It gives me a sense of well-being as I leave the magazine and move on to new adventures. I am fortunate to have essential tools and resources to take with me, and health education will still be my primary mission. Thank you for giving me the chance to find a new passion, pursue it, live it, and share it. I hope reading this magazine has allowed you to do the same and will continue to do so in the future.

Pamela Emanoil Bond
Editor in Chief