New traditions for health
I read “My Most Memorable Meal” (November 2004) about Anne Klein’s family celebration. The name Klein doesn’t sound Czech, but her story revealed her Czech heritage and rang a bell for me.

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I still retain what my mother taught me as she cooked and baked everything from scratch. She spent her Saturdays in the kitchen baking the Czech pastry kolacky and rye bread. After my Saturday piano lessons, my piano teacher would follow the fragrance to his reward: fresh coffee with cream and my mother’s fresh-from-the-oven kolacky with apricot, prune, or cottage cheese centers. To this day, I am still playing the piano, as well as teaching all keyboard instruments (at my age of 92).

Most Czech grandmas cling to the usual Sunday dinners, such as roast pork, sauerkraut, and bread dumplings, and totally ignore today’s concerns about fat and carbs. Because I live alone and am on a restrictive diet to help control diabetes, those days are just pleasant family memories. I look forward to future stories for those of us who are diabetics.

—Rose Halub, Mountain Home, Arkansas

For satisfying recipe ideas and the latest nutrition info for diabetics, look to “Eating for Type 2?” in our April 2004 issue.


Cat out of the bag
Could you have a cat corner in your magazine? Can you advise us on the best naturopathic cat care book available? Thanks.

—Pavani Marden, Ashland, Oregon

We love our pets here at Delicious Living and thus run cat- and dog-related stories from time to time. Check out “Feed Me-ow!” for cat nutrition tips and cat food recipes. Two books on natural cat care that you might want to check out are Homeopathic Care for Cats and Dogs by Don Hamilton, DVM (North Atlantic, 1999) and Dr. Kidd’s Guide to Herbal Cat Care by Randy Kidd, DVM (Storey Books, 2000).


Wise decisions
Delicious Living holds the key to good health. I’m 84 years old, and the magazine helps me pick reliable products. Plus, it’s a great price point—free, that is—and gives me a half-hour of restful reading time. What a good choice in this world.

—Marlys Ward, Mankato, Minnesota

More holiday eating tips
I’m a certified nutrition consultant, and I really appreciate your publication, as it brings a variety of health-promoting information to the public. I thought your article “Don’t Pig Out” on avoiding holiday weight gain was excellent.

I am continually educating my clients and the public on the healthiest, cleanest, and most nutrient-rich sources of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, as well as micronutrients. I find that many women have a false assumption that if they starve themselves all day and then indulge during the evening holiday party, that somehow this unhealthy act will prevent the holiday pounds from creeping on. I advise people, as always, to eat nutrient-rich, satiating foods as small meals throughout the day, whether or not there is a party in their schedule. Keeping blood sugar levels stable is key for avoiding binge eating during the holiday season. I also encourage love. Love what you are eating, think about it, smell it, chew it, choose foods that you can really get into. Your mental attitude about the foods you eat affects digestion in a very profound way. If you are loving your food, I believe you have a much better chance of breaking down and absorbing all the nutrients a particular food has to offer.

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Whole-food, organic nutritional supplements are another powerful tool I recommend to my clients. These supplements allow you to attend parties with a stable blood sugar level and a body that feels alive, alert, and satiated. All of my clients have reported fewer colds and flu, less depression and binge eating, and increased energy since beginning the supplements.

I also encourage my clients to have a whey-protein or meal-replacement shake before holiday get-togethers.

—Jennifer Workman, Marin, California