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Holiday-recipe stars
Thanks for helping me keep my holidays (and every day) healthy and fun. Before your December 2006 issue, I'd been intimidated to try star fruit, but the festive carambola salad ("What's in Season") was a great hit, especially when I added the ruby sparkle of pomegranate seeds. I also got rave reviews on the Cranberry-Ginger Biscotti and the Bizcochitos ("Better by the Dozen") by substituting rice and spelt flours for the whole-wheat flour.

—Joyce Oliver, Scaly Mountain, North Carolina

Go local
I loved your November 2006 Editor's Note on local foods. But I was dismayed to see that the Roasted French Green Beans with Lemon and Dill recipe ("Thanksgiving Trade-Out") called for prepackaged green beans. These are typically shipped thousands of miles and use excessive packaging. Can the recipes stress local, too? Keep up the good work!

—Gary Liebert, Tallahassee, Florida

Always a good concern. Because you'll find Delicious Living at stores throughout the country, our recipes feature foods from all over—and even some organic and sustainably produced items, such as bananas, from afar. But local is optimal, so you should always feel free to modify our recipes and sub in something that grows nearby.