No online access
Allow me to express my gratitude for and agreement with your correspondent in the April 2006 issue. Mrs. Biefus wrote a letter asking for the option to write or phone you to enter exciting contests that you offer. I believe this is essential.

—Patricia Bennett, Charlottesville, Virginia

Thanks for your feedback. We try to offer a variety of ways to contact us, but we do have one survey that is specifically an online tool and is advertised on this page. We will consider other options in the future.


More cleaning solutions
I was very interested in your April 2006 story "Come Clean" on nontoxic cleaning solutions. To release the hardness that holds grime onto the toilet bowl, you can also pour in vinegar and top with baking soda. It works! To get clean results, I let the mixture sit for some time before flushing.

—Amelia Sullivan, Morris, Connecticut

Our April story "2006's Impressive Cities" incorrectly identified the photo on pages 44 and 45 as Arcata, California. In fact, it is Ferndale, California. We apologize for our mix-up.