Getting connected
I really enjoyed the Annual Guide 2004. All of the personal stories were great, and I could relate to Laurie Halee’s story ("Career") almost to a T. She inspired me. Like Laurie, I have been struggling with career satisfaction and suffer from learning difficulties, and have also turned to sports as my outlet. I am 34 and returning to school to become an athletic trainer. It has been a process for me, and I have had mentors along the way to help. Laurie is definitely not alone, and the article helped me to feel hopeful and connected.

—Elizabeth Willman, Milwaukee

Win the weight-loss game
After receiving your Annual Guide 2004, I read with great interest Deb Johnson’s story (“Weight”). The advice I found missing was to gain self-control and build character by making better choices and having a positive attitude. Learning to control your weight is a challenging but winnable experience. After the loss of my 19-year-old daughter, I gained 50 pounds over five years. I’ve been able to lose the weight and gain back my health because of exercise. It took time—a long time—constant (well, almost) vigilance, and a positive outlook.

I love your magazine and always find interesting, growth-inspiring articles. Keep up the good work.

—Bernetta Burstyn, Rochester Hills, Michigan

Sugar-free DL?
My husband and I enjoy your magazine, which we pick up at Nutrition World. Our only problem with Delicious Living so far is some of the recipes. We don’t expect to see recipes in your magazine with sugar as an ingredient. We think you should provide a healthy sweet substitution. The recipe that popped out at us recently was Ginger-Cherry Ice-Cream Sodas (“Sidewalk Supper,” July 2004). Fruit has enough sweetness, in our opinion, without having to add more.

Too much sugar is in foods today. Like cutting salt intake, we all need to cut sugar intake. Can you show healthy substitutes in recipes that call for sugar, please

—Charles and Donnarae Lescamela, North Palm Beach, Florida

What’s on your mind?
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Delicious acquaintances
Let me tell you how I became acquainted with Delicious Living. I had a mild heart attack on June 16, 2004, and after being released from the hospital, I stopped in at Wild Oats to eat a healthful meal. I got my salad and a freshly squeezed juice and picked up a copy. I was hooked on the great articles and recipes and inspirational tidbits. I took the magazine home and read and reread it. Now I pick one up at Wild Oats whenever it comes out.

—Carmen Martinez, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Too cool cover
I love your magazine. It’s filled with useful information that’s presented in a great way. I also enjoy the photos. The covers are eye-catching and timely. I’m curious, though: Why the wintery-looking cover for the Annual Guide 2004? Usually the covers are bright and colorful, and this one fell short.
Keep up the good work.

—Ralph Jenkins, Louisville, Colorado

Kidney concern
Thank you for such an informative magazine. I’m concerned about the increased use of soy foods and any link to kidney stones. Because soy products are high in oxalates, is there an increased risk for kidney stones, and might magnesium supplements help prevent such painful episodes? Having had two stones in the past when I was using soy products, I am concerned about reintroducing soy foods into my diet.

—Niki Sandstrom, Mulberry, Indiana

Niki, please see our article “Kidney Care” on for natural tips to prevent and treat kidney stones.