It’s A Wrap
If you don’t know what to buy that hard-to-shop-for someone, try one of these customized gift ideas

By Jena Hofstedt
Photos by Alison Miksch

Still wondering what to get certain people on your shopping list? We’ve put together gift containers filled with natural and organic products perfect for the special people in your life. Just head to your favorite natural products store, pick up the items we’ve suggested here (or look for a similar substitute), and put them in a beautiful basket or reusable box. We aimed to keep these in the $50 price range, but you can always include a little more or less depending on your budget. Holiday shopping just doesn’t get any easier than this.

For: The Stress Case
Fire & Ice Herbal Eye Mask by Earth Therapeutics: Heat it in the winter and freeze it in the summer for a year-round soothing treat for tired eyes.
Outer Body Experience Chamomile Milk Bath: A soothing soak containing powdered milk, salts, ground herbs and botanicals, and essential-oil blends.
Glamour Girl Glow Lotion for Face & Body by Madame Renaud: Get a shiny glam look even when you’re tired with this all-natural product.
Nature’s Gate Organics Lemongrass & Clary Sage Moisturizing Shower & Bath Gel: A luxurious, organic soap that includes aloe vera, yucca, marshmallow, echinacea, and horsetail for baby-soft skin.
Herbal Eye Pillow: Look for one filled with herbs that perfume the air with a soothing scent, such as lavender, chamomile, or thyme.
Organic body brush by Earth Therapeutics: Pamper yourself with this earth-friendly brush.

For: The Foodie
Mini mortar and pestle: An essential tool for crushing and grinding flavorful spices, herbs, and nuts.
Cooking With Green Tea (Avery/Penguin Putnam, 2000) by Ying Chang Compestine: Help your chef learn to make the most of green tea’s healthy benefits.
Organic spices: The best way to add variety and flavor to any healthy dish.
An all-natural organic olive oil: Just what any cook needs for drizzling over vegetables, salads, and pasta.
Bionaturae whole-wheat pasta: Get complex carbs with this whole-grain choice.
Amy’s premium organic pasta sauce: Make a tasty, organic meal in no time with this delicious tomato sauce.

For: The Athlete Sore + Spots Homeopathic First Aids: These lozenges minimize strains, pulls, and even bruises after a tough workout.
Protein and energy bars: To keep your favorite athlete fueled up.
All Terrain AquaSport or TerraSport sunblock SPF 30+: These natural, alcohol-free sunblocks stay on and won’t sting the eyes.
Burt’s Bees Lifeguard’s Choice Lip Balm: An all-time favorite that’s great for any sportsman or woman.
A natural sports drink: Hydration is the number-one sports rule.
Cowgirl’s Trail Boss Bar Herbal Body Rub for Sore Muscles: The perfect rubdown after a hike or an intense workout.
Living Arts Yoga Conditioning for Athletes video: Designed by acclaimed yoga teacher Rodney Yee, this program will help to enhance athletic performance and balance muscles.

For: The New Mom
Badger Sleep Balm: Essential oils of ginger, rosemary, bergamot, balsam fir, and lavender will help a new mom or baby relax and fall asleep naturally.
Yoga Journal’s Postnatal Yoga video from Gaiam: Yoga can assist a new mom’s recovery from the stress of giving birth.
Traditional Medicinals Mother’s Milk herbal tea: This tea is based on a combination of herbs traditionally used to help increase milk flow, including fennel seed, anise seed, and fenugreek seed.
Motherlove Birth & Baby Set, with lavender massage oil and spritzer: Use the oil to massage baby and the spritzer to give baby’s room a clean, refreshing scent.
Rescue Remedy Spray: A combination of five different flower essences, this spray can help a new mother stay calm during stressful situations.
Healthy Times Baby’s Herbal Garden Sunflower Baby Bar: A blend of botanicals, and vitamins A and E, make this the perfect bath bar for a new baby.
Earth’s Best baby food: From apples to sweet potatoes, this organic baby food line offers an array of healthful choices little ones will like.
Seventh Generation Baby Wipes: Non-chlorine cloth baby wipes with aloe and vitamin E are gentle on baby’s skin.

For: Grandma
Jason Aloe Vera, Cocoa Butter, or Vitamin E lotions: Natural herbs and vitamins will soothe her hands and skin.
Vitamin organizer: For keeping on top of her daily supplement doses.
Tired Old Ass Soak from Little Moon Essentials: What grandma wouldn’t love to take a soak in these rejuvenating minerals and essential oils of rosemary, vetiver, and eucalyptus? And we hope she’ll get a kick out of the name.
Aura Cacia Foot Care natural foot rub: She can keep this handy tin by her bedside to massage and soften dry feet.
A canvas hat: Make sure she’s protected when she’s outdoors in the sun.
Kiss My Face Sun Screen: Encourage grandma to protect her delicate skin with this natural lotion.

For: The Gardener
Cowgirl’s Lip Balm: A perennial favorite for those who are always out in the sun.
Earth Therapeutics Gardener’s Beauty Gloves: These moisturizing gloves come with a packet of green tea herbal lotion for soothing dry, overworked hands.
Kiss My Face Organic Hot Spots SPF 30 stick for lips, nose, cheeks, ears: Use this convenient stick for all body parts that can burn easily while tending the garden.
Burt’s Bees Hand Salve: The perfect remedy for a green thumb.
A few packs of organic seeds: Give your favorite gardener a leg up on spring planting.
An all-natural gardening hat: The ultimate in sun protection and keeping cool.
Sonoma Soap Company Milk & Honey soap: Made from organic vegetable oils and pure glycerin, this all-natural soap is ideal for scrubbing up after a day in the dirt.

For: The Traveler
Burt’s Bees Natural Remedy Kit: This mini-kit of natural cures will ease skin irritation, burns, stings, and scrapes.
Emergen-C: These packets provide quick vitamin-C fixes for anyone caught on a plane near someone who’s sniffling and sneezing.
All Terrain Herbal Armor Insect Repellent: This citronella-based lotion will keep bugs away without DEET or other chemicals.
Earplugs: Use these to block out noise on a long plane trip and catch a nap
. Tazo Calm Herbal Infusion caffeine-free tea: Tote along this blend of chamomile blossoms, blackberry leaves, and rose petals for relaxation.
Tea infuser: Steep a custom blend of leaves for any traveler’s ailments.
Alba Botanica travel-size shampoo and conditioner: For natural beauty on the go.
An herbal sleep supplement: A gentle sleep aid will come in handy for any traveler.
Aroma Naturals Aromatherapy To Go candle: These candles come in three scents: Peace, Relaxing, or Ambiance.