Burning answers

You recommended taking magnesium hydroxide for urge incontinence (“Take Urgent Action,” November 2007) — but my store doesn't carry it. Help!
— Cheryl Ryan, Lenexa, Kansas

Thanks for writing. Try milk of magnesia, which is made up of magnesium hydroxide suspended in a watery base. Refer to dose instructions on the bottle.
— Eds

On solid ground

Could you please tell me where in the world the soil is still nutrient dense?
— Al Rabinowitz, Oceanside, California

Soils less than 10,000 years old in moderate climates tend to have the most elements essential to plant growth, says Michael J. Singer, PhD, professor of soil science at the University of California, Davis. In general, prairies and grasslands, such as those in Illinois and Iowa, have high natural fertility because they efficiently recycle nutrients back into the soil.
— Eds

Salmonella solution

I was surprised that your September recipes (Chocolate Mousse with Ginger; Smoked Trout and Grapefruit Salad) offered ways to safely use raw eggs. I prefer to err on the conservative side and not use raw eggs.
— Nancy Decker, via e-mail

Salmonella contamination is rare in commercial eggs; however, the possibility of bacterial growth increases in older eggs or those that have not been refrigerated. And although salmonella is typically found on the shell, in a small number of cases it has been found inside. Use an egg substitute if you want to be exceptionally careful. For more information about egg preparation, visit www.aeb.org.
— Eds

e-buzz: Go Nutty

Perfect for adding crunch to both sweet and savory dishes, walnuts pack rich flavor and 3 grams of omega-3 fatty acids per handful. Search our website for these inventive walnut recipes.


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