I thought this week, my final one as editor in chief of this magazine, would go quickly. But instead it has gone slowly, as if I were honey dripping from a jar, inching toward a delicious exit but not yet there. Not yet knowing which path I'll take. Not yet landed on whatever place is meant for me.

On Sunday I came into the office to edit a couple of stories, answer e-mails, and crunch budget numbers. I didn't need to come in, just as I didn't need to work late during my last week here, either. But both are rituals I cherish, and leaving this job means leaving those, too. So I savored weekend time to myself in the office, listening to NPR while making to-do lists, sorting through mail, and catching up on all the small things that get passed over daily when you are a people manager.

During my daughter's first year, I was up many nights feeding her. This never frustrated me. Instead, especially because she was my first and perhaps only child at 40, I valued this time, being fully present and appreciating every moment, for I knew it would one day be gone. That's how I've felt this week. Being editor in chief here for five and a half years has been an honor that I fully recognize. During these important times on our planet, the reasons we opt for a more natural lifestyle are critical. Guiding the magazine's content has been educational and life-transforming for me. I hope that in some small way, it's had the same effect on you.

I'm sad to be leaving the Delicious Living editorial and design teams, as well as the other people who contribute to all aspects of the magazine (and there are many). Yet I know I'll see these people again. What I will miss most is the regular opportunity to communicate with you, our readers. My Editor's Notes have been personal. I've shared much of my life with you over the years: new marriage, new parenthood, many of my family struggles and health concerns as they relate to the topics in these pages. I've appreciated your sharing thoughts with me in return, both good and bad, through some tough issues and tough times. You've always been honest, and I thank you.

A great consolation is that I leave you in good hands. The remaining team has impressive skills and talents. I'm confident the magazine's quality will continue to get even better. Meanwhile, I will be an editor at large for a few more months to help with the transition. And if you want to find out where my different path is taking me, you can follow my website at www.JeanWeiss.com. Thank you for being a part of my journey toward a healthier life.

Jean Weiss