In China, green tea is commonly used as a medicine and an ingredient in beauty products. Here are some of green tea's applications:

PLACE COOL TEA on irritated skin to soothe sunburn, swelling and itching, or use as a disinfectant for skin lacerations and acne.

USE TEA AS AN AFTER-SHAMPOO RINSE once a week to add luster to your hair.

RELIEVE TOOTHACHE PAIN AND SWELLING with an application of rehydrated tea leaves to the affected area.

CLEANSE YOUR BREATH by chewing rehydrated tea leaves.

FERTILIZE GARDEN PLANTS with fresh tea bags around the roots.

DRIVE AWAY MOSQUITOES by burning dry tea leaves in a pot.

ENSURE GOOD SLEEP, promote clear thinking and improve your mood with a pillow filled with dried, used tea leaves.