Reap What You Sow

When your neighbors start to look askance as you haul another load of garden zucchini to their doorstep, consider donating your extra produce to Plant a Row for the Hungry, an initiative of the Garden Writers Association of America. "Gardening not only strengthens your body, it also gives you the chance to exercise your heart," says Jacqui Heriteau, national director for the program. "When people donate their extra produce, it's like throwing a pebble into a pond; the effects ripple through the community and the world." To find out how your garden can help feed the needy, call 877.492.2727 or visit

—Elisa Bosley

Gardening bears fruit in more ways than one. Check out the number of calories burned by these down-and-dirty tasks:

TASK (30 minutes)

CALORIES BURNED (based on 140-lb person)


160 calories


160 calories


190 calories


202 calories

Mowing (push, hand)

185 calories

Mowing (push, power)

151 calories