Recycle your reading

I share magazines with five friends. We all subscribe to different ones and pass them around. When we're finished reading the magazines, we donate them to the local high school's art department.
— Ann Tobin, via email

Thanks for sharing this innovative and eco-conscious tip. Keep up the good work!
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Natural nail cures

I used to have strong, beautiful nails. But as I age, I must polish them to cover white streaks, ridges, and cracks. Is there a way to treat this naturally?
— Sally Price, via email

Check out our tips for strengthening and beautifying damaged nails by going to delicious; enter hands-down beauty into the search box.
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Yoga for strength

“Rut Busters” (March 2009) included the quote, “Yoga's not a weight-bearing exercise.” In Power Yoga, one bears weight in poses like the plank and side plank. Try holding these asanas as arms shake and heart rate accelerates.
— Susi Hassert, via email

You are correct: A person can gain strength from yoga. But according to writer Grant Davis, muscle development is limited to the individual's body weight. Someone who holds a plank position for longer than a minute isn't growing stronger because the body becomes hyper-efficient at holding the pose. Yoga does offer muscle-toning benefits, but it doesn't offer the bone-strengthening benefits of higher impact exercises like running.
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Grill out

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