Parents scrambled last fall when the FDA deemed conventional cold medicines ineffective and potentially dangerous for children between the ages of 2 and 5. Help your babe feel back up to snuff with these natural remedies from Aviva Romm, president of the American Herbalists Guild, and Dana Ullman, MPH, founder of

Antimonium tartaricum 6c (homeopathic) Loose cough Improves breathing and relieves rattling coughs. Follow dose instructions.
Belladonna 6c (homeopathic) Fever Heals sore throats, ear aches, and high, fevers. Follow dose instructions.
Euphrasia 30c (homeopathic) Watery eyes Heals inflammationand redness. Follow dose instructions.
Garlic ear oil Earache Kills bacteria. Heat 4-5 cloves chopped garlic in ½ cup olive oil for 5-10 minutes. Cool and strain well. Put 3-4 drops in ear. Don't use if ear is discharging fluid or if ear drum is ruptured.
Herbal steam Sinus pressure Loosens mucus. Boil 2 quarts water. Remove from heat; add 2 tablespoons rosemary, thyme, and oregano; let sit for 15 minutes. Discharge steam and make sure it's not too hot. Place a towel over head, lean partially over pot, and breathe in vapors.
Ipecacuanha 30c (homeopathic)** Nausea Relieves queasiness when vomiting doesn't help. Follow dose instructions.
Onion syrup Stuffy nose Thins mucus. Sulfur compounds work as an antiviral, antifungal, and antibiotic. Slice one onion; sprinkle pure cane sugar over slices and layer in a mixing bowl. Let set overnight to draw out onion's moisture. Take 1 teaspoon of liquid as needed.
Additional sources: Timothy Fior, MD; Nancy Welliver, ND. *Consult a health care practitioner for a dose that's right for your child. **Not ipecac syrup.