Do you have kids? If so, you'll know what I mean when I say that I'm 38 weeks pregnant and "nesting" like there's no tomorrow. Lucky for me, the stork drops a regular bounty of natural infant and toddler products at Delicious Living Here are the ones I've stashed—and a few that are still on my wish list (hint, hint).

For baby's sensitive skin: My daughter, now 3, had a few bouts of infant eczema. Hence, I won't use most conventional soaps, lotions, and creams on her—or her brother-to-be. I'm excited to try Canus's Li'l Goats Milk line, formulated with rich, skin-friendly ingredients, including goat's milk and vitamin E; and Nature's Baby Organics' gentle soaps, lotions, and non-toxic deodorizing spray (note: stash near the diaper pail!).

Wee eco-clothing: Soft, breathable cotton is easy on baby's skin, but may not be so easy on the environment if conventionally produced with loads of pesticides and harsh chemicals. Two alternatives I like: Maggie's Functional Organics' new line of socially responsible baby wear (check out ubercute Vegesaurus bodysuit) made without the use of chemical bleaches or dyes. And Green Babies Organic Cotton clothing and bedding. Isn't their pea pod "baby bag" the sweetest?