What's In Season: June

Look for: Cherries

How To Select: Choose glossy, bright fruit that's tender, not mushy. Discard crushed ones; seeping juice can spoil surrounding cherries. Refrigerate, washing just before use. Make the most of cherries' short season by buying in bulk and freezing. Rinse, freeze in a single layer, then transfer to zip-top freezer bags.

Ways To Enjoy: A favorite hand-to-mouth snack. Sweeten dishes by adding the pitted fruit to salads, sauces, cake batters, and cookie dough. Use sour varieties in mixed-fruit compotes, cobblers, and pies.

Health Benefits: Tart or sweet, fresh, frozen, or dried, cherries are an excellent source of vitamin C, fiber, and bioflavonoids. Darker fruit signals higher antioxidant levels.

—Elisa Bosley