If the closest you’ve ever gotten to your food source is the supermarket produce aisle, it may be time for a trip back to the land. Through Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOF), you can volunteer to spend a weekend—or a few months—working at one of more than 400 farms and homesteads across the country. In exchange for harvesting strawberries at a farm on Washington’s San Juan Islands, say, or tending farmers’ market–bound tomatoes in Vermont, you’ll get home-cooked meals and free lodging (anything from a barn loft to a tree house). And no experience is required. “Some volunteers are seasoned in certain skills, and some have never touched soil in their lives,” says Autumn Allabach, a WWOOF board member. To become a WWOOF member and access its directory of participating farmers, go to www.wwoofusa.org.