1. Chicken Satay with Spicy Peanut Dip

Serves 4 / A simpler satay, with an abbreviated ingredient list and process. Even without the delicious sauce, the grilled chicken is excellent! Ingredient tips: Red curry paste and Sriracha sauce, also called rooster sauce (for the logo on its bright red bottle), are available in the Asian section of most markets. View recipe.

2. Spinach-Artichoke Dip

Makes 3 ½ cups / Make up to four days before serving and refrigerate. Serving tip: Serve in endive or with warm pita bread. View recipe.

3. Almond-Hazelnut Dip

Makes 2 1/2 cups / This fabulous dip is a healthy alternative to sour-cream-laden options. It’s great on pita bread, blue corn chips, or raw vegetables, such as celery and carrot sticks. Prep tip: If you can’t find blanched (skinless) almonds, combine them with the hazelnuts when covering with boiling water; when cool, skins will slip right off. View recipe.

4. Creamy Tahini-Horseradish Dip

Makes 2 cups / Great for dunking raw or lightly cooked vegetables, last night’s baked potato (chilled and sliced into wedges), or strips of leftover cooked pork or chicken. This dip also doubles as a delectable dressing for tossed green salad—an overlooked but refreshing snack. Look for bottled (but not creamed) horseradish in the refrigerated section of your natural foods store. View recipe.

5. Five-Flavor Yogurt Dip

Makes about 2 cuServe with red bell pepper, jicama, and carrot slices; as a topping for baked potatoes; with grilled lamb, chicken, or tofu; tossed in tuna salad; or as a different and nutritious sandwich spread. View recipe.

6. White Bean Dip with Pita Crisps

Serves 4/ An alternative to hummus, this dip is a fast, easy and tasty hors d'oeuvre. View recipe.

7. Roasted Jicama Sticks with Tofu-Basil Dip

Serves 4 / Slices of roasted jicama, a crunchy white root vegetable usually eaten raw, make a sublime match for this luscious, protein-packed dip. View recipe.

8. Tzatziki

Makes 2½ cups / This fresh and delectable dip can be made up to two days in advance. It's also great on sandwiches. Ingredient tip: Greek yogurt is nice and thick, but if you can't find it, use low-fat or whole-milk plain yogurt. Serving tip: Serve with crunchy fresh crudités, such as carrots, jicama, and radishes. View recipe.