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Lynette Ballester (not verified)
on Sep 6, 2013

Do I need a password? I am interested in any basic canning information you might be able to e- mail such as "canning 101"

CatherineMcc (not verified)
on Sep 12, 2013

Hi There,
I was interested in your canning recipes in the recent issue and noticed what may be an error in one of them. [or at least it doesn't make sense to me!]
For the vegetable pickles, step 3 it says to add all the vegetables to the brine mixture and cook until soft and thick for quite a while....doing this seems like it would become more of a sauce, not a pickle. Step 4 says to add the veggies to the jar and pour brine over, which would give more "pickleness" as shown in the
picture. These look terrific so I wanted you to know and clarify if possible.

on Oct 15, 2013

Sorry I didn't see this comment sooner! I'll clarify that recipe: you should simmer gently until the liquid looks thicker, not until the vegetables are saucy. This gives enough time for the veggies to become crisp tender rather than super hard. Hope that helps!

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