< < Weleda spray-on deodorants
How they work > Organic essential oils protect against unwanted bacteria, plus they give off a light fragrance.
Favorite scent > Citrus

< < Tom's of Maine deodorant sticks
How they work > Zinc ricinoleate, sourced from castor beans, absorbs odor while antimicrobial ingredients such as lichen and coriander stop odor-causing bacteria.
Favorite scent > Apricot

< < Dr. Hauschka roll-on deodorants
How they work > Sage extract prevents odor-causing bacteria growth without blocking pores.
Favorite scent > Floral

< < Lafe's Natural Body Care roll-on deodorants
How they work > Mineral salts eliminate odor-causing bacteria; aloe vera and hemp oil soothe and moisturize.
Favorite scent > Active

< < Crystal Body Deodorant mineral-salt rocks
How they work > Colorless mineral salts prevent the spread of odor-causing bacteria.
Favorite scent > Unscented