Seventh Generation debuted its Natural Detergent 4X recycled paper bottles at the Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim this week. Developed in partnership with Ecologic, the innovative bottle shell is made from 100-percent recycled cardboard and newspaper. With minimal need for plastic—an interior sleeve, the spout, and a cap—the design reduces plastic use by 66 percent from the 100-ounce 2X bottle.

“This is a huge leap for packaging,” said Julie Corbett, Founder and CEO of Ecologic, based in Oakland, California. “The inspiration came from my experience as part of a family struggling with so much waste. I had sustainable options with food, but not in other areas. It was a big frustration point for me, for consumers.”

With recycling in the U.S. at about 28 percent for #2 plastics, Corbett felt better and easier options were needed. “Paper is one of the easiest things to recycle because paper is paper—you don’t have to read the bottom of the bottle and wonder ‘What do I do?’”

The product also features a new scent, Geranium Blossom and Vanilla, and is twice as concentrated as the company’s 2X formula, significantly improving water and transportation footprints.

“Seventh Generation has done so much on what’s inside the bottle,” said Peter Swaine, the company’s Director of Global Strategic Sourcing, “but now we’re focused on what’s on the outside, too.”

For it’s next product run, Seventh Generation will take over 3 tons of cardboard waste generated at the Natural Products Expo and produce 200,000-300,000 bottles. Products are scheduled to hit store shelves later this month.