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Would you skip a meal for Soylent 2.0?


The Silicon Valley set can finally have its Soylent, and drink it (really quickly), too.

The maker of the nutritionally complete protein powder, which reviewers have colorfully described as tasting "vaguely bread-y," "remarkably tasteless" and "inoffensive and dull," recently announced it will offer Soylent in ready-to-drink bottles that have an unrefrigerated shelf life of one year. Dubbed Soylent 2.0, this off-white formulation is now vegan, and sources half of its fat energy from algae.

“Soylent 2.0 is just the beginning of our continued expansion as we endeavor to improve the capability and efficiency of our industry through research and development, toward a future where food is abundant and its production is transparent," said Soylent co-founder and CEO Rob Rhinehart in a statement.

Rather than align Soylent 2.0 with its cheeky cinematic namesake, the brand created this beautifully shot, entertaining video with the tagline "Use Less. Do More." It's an apt message for those both intent on optimizing productivity (ahem, workaholic coders), and to sustainably minded people seeking nutrient-dense food with a minimal footprint (uh, and minimal taste). "Soylent 2.0 makes complete nutrition accessible to all, allowing one to worry less, buy less, waste less and use less—while doing more with the time and energy saved," the company announcement concludes. 

Note: Like its powdered predecessor, Soylent 2.0 is still only available online.

  Would you ever try Soylent to replace a meal?


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on Aug 11, 2015

I think Soylent is cool, but it definitely is processed, so how good for you can it be? Plus, I love eating! It's a joy! But Soylent could be a great alternative for when there is simply no time for a proper meal.

on Aug 15, 2015

Uh, NO!!! I would NEVER turn down REAL food for this. There's no vegetables in that?!?! And there is something to be said for ENJOYMENT and mindful, intuitive eating. I am not a fan of this whole idea and as an RD, I would not recommend it to my clients. #mytwocents

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