Well done
After coming back from a recent trip to Germany, I picked up the November issue of Delicious Living at Whole Foods. At home, after unpacking my groceries, I sat down with a glass of chilled blanc de blancs to savor the magazine. Halfway in, I saw on a left-hand page a beautiful depiction of a beachfront dinner table, romantically tinted in purple and set with gorgeous linens and stemware, and on the right page an article on memorable food experiences. When I discovered the words sounding eerily familiar, and the name on the bottom of the article being, well, my own, I was surprised. I cannot begin to express my gratitude to you for flattering my humble words with such a tasteful setting and next to such a glorious photograph. I had expected my story to be printed in the front of the magazine, where readers’ comments run or our questions get answered. I sincerely thank you.

I am glad a publication such as yours exists and is done so well. I wish you and your magazine good luck, and I certainly look forward to many more great issues of Delicious Living (with or without my words inside).

—Anne Klein, New Orleans

Secret ingredient
While I was reading the article “My Most Memorable Meal” (November 2004) on the plane en route to a meeting and trade show in SoHo, I was reminded of a recent holiday story. Here is how it goes. My mom and I were making a big pot of chicken soup for Thanksgiving. My daughter had just gone off to college and really missed having chicken soup, so we added it to the holiday menu.

My mom is the spice queen and went through my cabinets, dousing the soup with all kinds of herbs and goodies. She opened a small plastic container and asked what the herb inside was. I answered most assuredly, “Oregano and basil mix.”

The soup was better than ever. After we ate, my daughter went into the cabinet, pulled out that same plastic container, and proceeded to put some of the “spices” on the cat’s scratching post. I screamed, “What are you doing?” My daughter said, “Putting catnip on the rug post for Lucky [our cat].”

I hope this makes you laugh, imagining the look on all of our faces when we realized we had cooked with (and eaten) catnip!

—Fern Ramsey, via e-mail

One of our November 2004 coverlines should have read, “Excess weight? Try grapefruit extract.” Grapefruit extract, not grapefruit seed extract, may help people shed pounds. We apologize for the error.

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