Here are five clues you may be addicted to sugar, flour and processed food:

  • You con­sume certain foods even if you are not hun­gry because of cravings.
  • You worry about cutting down on cer­tain foods.
  • You feel slug­gish or fatigued from overeating.
  • You have health or social problems (affect­ing school or work) because of food issues and yet keep eat­ing the way you do despite neg­a­tive consequences.
  • You need more and more of the foods you crave to expe­ri­ence any plea­sure or reduce neg­a­tive emotions.

If you are among those whose brain chemistry, taste buds and hor­mones have been hijacked by the food indus­try (up to 70 percent of us, includ­ing 40 per­cent of chil­dren), then it is time to stop blam­ing yourself and con­sider food rehab or a sugar detox. It is time for all of us to take back our health and demand that our chil­dren be pro­tected from addic­tive sub­stances in our schools and from the insid­i­ous mar­ket­ing prac­tices directed at them from the food industry.

There are resources to help you break your food addic­tion and stop the cravings.