All that's old is new again. As ancient foods continue to be rediscovered, a wealth of nutrient-packed power is becoming available in your local natural products store. Keep an eye out for the trending superfoods below. 

Black salsify

Once believed to treat snakebites, this prebiotic-rich root also contains iron, vitamin B6, and potassium. Similar in appearance to a carrot, it’s sometimes called a “vegetable oyster” for its mild oysterlike flavor. If bought fresh, remove the brown skin, chop, and then add to stews, stir-fries, or potato mashes.


This ancient, finely ground green tea (pictured to the right) has appeared in elaborate Buddhist ceremonies for more than 800 years. Today’s convenient products improve matcha’s earthy, grassy flavor by adding chai spices, turmeric, or honey. According to some estimates, matcha contains 23 times the antioxidants of acaí berries.

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A small tree native to South Asia and Africa, moringa produces incredibly nutritious leaves: Gram for gram, they contain more protein than yogurt, more potassium than bananas, and more calcium than milk. Thanks to antioxidant
flavonoids and phytochemicals, the plant may also support heart health.

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Shichimi togarashi

You’ll find many versions of this salt-free, antioxidant-packed Japanese blend (translated “seven spice”), but it always contains red chile pepper, sesame seeds, and crushed orange peel. Sprinkle over noodle soups, grilled meats, avocados, or scrambled eggs.

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