• Exercise regularly to keep your energy and metabolism up. (See Warm Up Your Winter With Exercise for winter exercise tips.)

  • Keep healthy snacks with you (in your purse, car or bag) so you don’t have to stop at the food court, convenience store or drive-thru while shopping for Christmas gifts or after waiting in long lines at the post office.

  • Continue your regular healthy eating habits at all other meals, and save your indulgences for the Christmas dinner, parties and special events. How you eat at the majority of your meals is more important than whether you overdid it on just a couple of occasions.

  • Don’t keep holidays treats around the house if they are too hard to resist.

  • Maintain your nutritional supplement program. Take a full spectrum daily complex such as Basic Nutrient Support, and add specialized formulas as needed. If immunity, stress, blood sugar, digestion or cardiovascular health are of particular concern for you , it is especially important to be diligent about those specific supplements at this time of year.

Enjoy the season!