Don’t ditch your tried-and-true beauty regimen in favor of nutricosmetics. Instead, complement your go-to skin, hair, and nail care products with well-researched supplements and foods. “Companies are looking toward what will really work, and that’s why the trend is moving to bundling nutricosmetic supplements with topical products,” says Jen McCord, NutriCosmetic Summit conference manager. For example, not only are supplemental probiotics now touted for beauty benefits, but they are also appearing in topical beauty products such as face creams and shampoos. For UV protection, for example, continue slathering on sunscreen but also look for supplements featuring ingredients such as cocoa flavonoids, lycopene, and resveratrol. Take this dual approach with antiaging formulas and hair and nail products as well. “Just like diet and exercise, with your beauty regimen there are a number of things that work in concert,” says Ahmed.