Products like beverages, yogurts, cookies, chocolates, even marshmallows (a notorious Japanese nutricosmetic) may sound delicious, but their credibility as delivery systems for oral beauty products has been one of the main barriers to industry growth and consumer acceptance, according to Tom Vierhile, director of product-launch analytics for market research company Datamonitor.  To determine a product’s merits, weigh the quantity of beneficial ingredients against the not-so-healthy ones. First, look for high quantities of the desired nutrients. Next, remember that even if a nutricosmetic does provide high amounts of research-backed ingredients, it could also pack added sugars, artificial flavorings, and loads of calories, which don’t help in the beauty department. A good rule of thumb is to shop for products with fewer ingredients formulated at therapeutic doses. And taking your nutricosmetic in pill form may be the smartest choice. Never choose a food product just because it’s marketed as a supplement, Ahmed cautions.