Foods, beverages, and supplements with beauty benefits: sounds enticing, doesn’t it? Yet in its early stages in the United States, the nutricosmetics industry has hit some major bumps—particularly consumer skepticism—that have stood in the way of industry growth. “Consumers have a ways to go in understanding what they need. We have a distance to go in delivering what they need,” said Nutrition Business Journal Editorial Director Patrick Rea at this year’s NutriCosmetic Summit in Las Vegas.

With an aging Baby Boomer population, advancements in science and research, and an increased demand for natural ways to improve appearance and overall wellbeing, the potential for nutricosmetics’ success is there. But sustaining—and ultimately growing—the market requires manufacturers to take a holistic approach to beauty and nutricosmetics, said Howard Murad, MD, during the NutriCosmetic Summit keynote address. Here’s what else top industry experts revealed about manufacturing high-quality products, marketing them successfully, and delivering consumers what they need.