Rich information
I feel fortunate to be able to get such a good magazine like Delicious Living—and to think that it's free! After reading the magazine, my husband and I make better food choices when at the store, and we enjoy all the healthy recipes. We're sure your magazine helps other people as well. Keep up the good work.

—Ann Nace, Perkasie, Pennsylvania

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Less salt, please
I read your review of soups ("Soup's On," January 2006). Please make a stronger statement about sodium. The National Academy of Sciences has recommended a daily intake of 1,200 mg, rather than the 2,400 mg RDA recommendation. Organic and natural food companies include nearly as much salt in their canned soups as other brands. Just look at the sodium levels of the soups covered in your story. Each cup has 680 mg, 480 mg, 580 mg, or 370 mg.

—Tom Sims, Houston

The natural life looks good, too
Our daughter and her husband live in Costa Rica seven months out of the year. I send Delicious Living to my daughter or save issues for when I see her. Both of us look forward to reading about how to improve our health and also seeing the beautiful pictures of natural and organic items. Thank you.

—Violet Shirk, Akron, Pennsylvania