My husband and I still laugh about the note an investment banker friend wrote us one morning while we were visiting her in San Francisco. She’d left quite early for work to catch the opening of the New York Stock Exchange, but on her way she had pulled out some cereal boxes and jotted down a rushed reminder: “Don’t forget—breakfast, most important meal.” We didn’t forget, and heartily fueled our bodies. I’ve never been one to skip breakfast, but I know many people do. Too bad, since breakfast is indeed the most important meal, helping both your brain and metabolism to operate efficiently for the rest of the day.

Because this is the New Year, a time when many of you reassess your overall health and eating habits, we decided to focus our food feature “Don’t Skip Breakfast!” on ideas that are both good for you and realistic to make in a hurry. I hope you relish them. I’ve already tried the quinoa recipe for my daughter and myself and it was a nice diversion from our usual oatmeal.

On another note, we’ve introduced a new department this month that we trust you will enjoy. Shop Talk features a short conversation with a natural products storeowner, in which he or she reveals shopping and product tips to you, the reader. Check it out and tell us what you think.

Jean Weiss

Deborah Ory, photographer for “Don’t Skip Breakfast!” and “What’s Wrong With Trans Fats?” says, “It was fun to do the Delicious Living story since I enjoy the magazine’s recipes at home.” The New Jersey–based photographer’s favorite photo subjects are food and her two daughters.

“I like learning about common health issues that affect a large demographic,” says Boulder, Colorado-based freelance writer and frequent Delicious Living contributor Sarah Toland. The author of “Regain Control” believes that no woman should suffer embarrassment from a problem as common and potentially treatable as bladder incontinence.

Writer Cristina Garcia found it refreshing to talk with Wayne Weiler, CEO of Jimbo’s … Naturally, for our new department Shop Talk. “People like Wayne are passionate about what they do and are great resources for readers,” says Columbia, Missouri-based Garcia, who appreciated the insider tips on great products and new strategies for making shopping more productive.